Vital Nutrients Essential For A Good Nerve Health

21 Jan

Nutritional diet:  The perfect fuel for perfect nerve health 

If you thought that nerve health solely depends on keeping ourselves safe from accidents and illnesses, then it is high time that you get enlightened with information on how an adequate nutritional intake can save you from bad nerves.  Frequent numbness and pain in nerves are mostly attributed to the lack of proper vitamin and mineral supply in your diets; the severe cases of deficiencies have the potential to damage your overall health. Hence, if you want to have proper eyesight, good metabolisms, and proper muscles, ensure that your food contains adequate nutrients. This article takes you through a few vital nutrients crucial for good nerve health and a supportive nervous system.

How does improper nutrition intake affect your nerve health?

Although there are fewer instances of nutritional deficiencies causing severe nerve degenerative diseases like motor neuron diseases, the deficiency of nutrients is quite evident among patients with Neuropathy. Neuropathy is a condition that makes hands and feet go numb, weak and painful, owing to severe nerve damages. The most common cause of Neuropathy is diabetes and can also be caused by other factors such as toxins, infections or injuries. Studies show that about one-fourth of patients with Neuropathy have exhibited nutritional deficiencies. Neuropathy patients are very commonly detected with deficiencies of vitamins like B1, B6, and B12; and also higher levels of pyridoxal phosphates and mercury.

Potassium and Sodium

Potassium and Sodium have complementary properties that help the nerves to function correctly. Both these nutrients cannot exist without the other. The deficiency of adequate potassium or Sodium in your diet can lead to severe nerve dysfunctions. While Sodium can be compensated with additional supplements in the diet, the decrease in potassium can be devastating. Low potassium levels can result in increased blood pressure and painful muscle cramps.

Vitamin B

The best neurosurgeon in India stresses the need for adequate B vitamin to maintain excellent nerve health. Vitamin B12 is regarded as the most important amongst B vitamins due to their potentials of evading Neuropathy. B vitamins' deficiency can lead to conditions like muscle and joint pains, poor coordination and severe memory loss.Vitamin B12 is a vital element that helps to build new nerve cells and red blood cells. The deficiency of Vitamin B12 can lead to loss of essential myelin sheath, a protective coat that facilitates speedy impulses signals along the nerves. The Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, and B9 are essential for nerve health. The individuals are often advised to intake a lot of meat, eggs, and external supplements to increase vitamin existence in the body.

Vitamin E

Although Vitamin E has a reputation of being associated with skin and tissue health, studies citing their nerve health impacts are welcome news. The vitamin is said to have a positive impact on neuro disorders. Therefore, the best neurosurgeon in India advises their patients to intake considerable Vitamin E inducing foods like almonds, butternut squash, yams, and spinach to delay the onset of neurological disorders.


Calcium is an essential mineral that helps to improve blood flow and cell structure in the body. These vital elements help repair brain cells and improve the passing of nerve impulses. Calcium is available abundantly in dairy products and dark green vegetables. The overdose of Calcium supplements can also cause repercussions, and the patients are thus advised to intake calcium pills only on the advice of their physicians. 


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