Remedies To Relieve Your Lower Back Pain

14 May

Back pain And Treatment

Your back takes most of the turmoil during the growing up stage. As we age, most of us end up with back pains and related illness due to tear and weakness of bone especially the spine. As the condition persists, you realise that the pain intervenes in your quality of life. The activities you do regularly have become painful. Like you have not been able to hit the same mile or do aerobics due to chronic pain. You might have to restrict yourself so much that life has become monotonous. Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are the common ailments that affect the bone strength and weakness as you age. Some of these conditions can be managed with a lot of self care as you step into the aging process. 

A Few Things You Can Do To Help Your Back

Stay healthy and fit to keep your back safe. Stress, anxiety and depression are also associated with back pain and most often makes it worse to manage. Do things that can make you happy. Happy and active mind releases the happy hormone endorphins. It is a natural hormone made in your body. These hormones block pain signals to register in the brain. Activities like meditation, massage therapy and aerobic boosts endorphin levels. Endorphins also keep stress, anxiety away. Doing just three activities on a daily basis that can make you happy will reduce stress and help tolerate pain. 

Try to get enough sleep. Sleep heals and recharges. It restores your energy level. Exercise your core muscles, especially your abs that support the lower spine. These muscles are mostly ignored during your daily chores. It is good to follow regular exercise that targets this muscle. Strengthening the muscles help reduce spine disorders. Tight hamstrings can contribute to your low level back pain. The hamstring muscle is located in the back of your thighs. If these muscles are too tight, it will lead to stress in the lower back and joints. This leads to severe pain. Stretch your hamstring carefully at least twice a day for 15 to 30 seconds.  

Natural Pain Relievers

Mind body techniques can help manage pain better. Train your brain to ignore or reduce pain signals. Your perception of pain depends on how the brain interprets it. Mindful pain management and cognitive behavioural therapy can help manage your pain by distracting your mind away from it. Mindful breathing techniques shift the focus of your mind to slow and controlled breathing. It will relax your body and reduce the pain sensation. Cognitive behavioural therapy creates a new strategy for managing pain better. 

Cold and hot therapies help reduce pain. Applying cold or hot packs on your back to soothe your back pain. You can warp ice, frozen peas in a cloth to make a cold pack. Wrap your back with another cloth and massage the cold pack over it. You can also use a cold gel pack. Heat therapy helps improve blood flow, relieve pain and relaxes the muscles. 

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